Available Financing

Bellow you will find available financing that we currently offer.  We will continue to work hard to add more financial institutions to provide our customers with more options.   

1.  PayPal Credit - offers you 6 months interest free financing on purchases of $99 and more, if paid in full within 6 month period. 

How to use it?  After you add item to the shopping cart, you will be given two options of payment.  Please, choose PayPal and click Continue button.  It will take you to PayPal website.  PayPal will give you 3 options to choose form.  1. Pay from PayPal balance; 2. Pay from the credit or debit card that is already stored with PayPal; 3. Apply for the PayPal Credit.  Please choose the third option and the system will guide you through the process.  



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